We have an integrated approach to supporting students to ensure that we can meet the needs of all students within the school.  The main aim of the Integrated Support Team is to remove barriers to learning and help students to access the curriculum at an appropriate level.  The team consists of Tutors, Heads of House, Support for Learning staff, Pupil Support staff and Support Assistants.  The school has a designated Support Area on the first floor and all staff are based there.


The Tutor's role is to:

  • register students each morning and monitor attendance
  • monitor students progress and behaviour
  • deliver the Personal and Social Education programme
  • support students to identify and meet their targets


The Head of House role

Students are organised into three vertical Houses;  Dechmont, Cairnpapple and Houstoun. Each group has a Head of House who works with tutors to ensure the welfare and progress of all.   

Heads of House also:

  • keep all students records up to date
  • maintain a Personal Learning Plan for all students
  • track and monitor student progress
  • inform parents/carers of progress


Support for Learning

Support for Learning staff work with students individually, in small groups or in the classroom. Working collaboratively with subject specialists to ensure that the curriculum is as widely accessible as possible for all students from S1 - S6.  When students have additional learning needs they may be supported by an Individual Education Plan, drawn up by students/staff and parents, giving them specific targets relevant to their needs and ability.  Support for Learning staff also organise Additional Assessment Arrangements negotiated with SQA for those students in S4, S5 and S6 whose learning needs necessitate this.  Delivering appropriate provision for all our students is a key aim, and we are all totally committed to this at Deans community High School.  If you feel that your child may require additional support then please contact the school for information and advice.  


The Pupil Support Base 

The base aims to provide a safe environment where students are encouraged to maximise potential. This base is managed by a Depute Head and a team of Support Assistants who work with students from all year groups and liaise closely with parents/carers. They also offer support with attendance issues, medical issues, homework and dress code and aim to maintain a positive ethos within the school by supporting the discipline system.


The Learning Base 

This area provides a structured and effective individual support for students whose academic and social needs cannot always be met within a classroom situation. The Learning Base allows students to continue to access as much of the full range of educational opportunities afforded by the school as appropriate at any given time.


EAL - English as an Additional Language Base

We have established an EAL (English as an Additional Language) Support Base in order to provide students who live between two cultures an opportunity to improve their literacy and develop knowledge and understanding skills throughout their school years and beyond.   The EAL Focus Newsletter (available below) is edited by multilingual students.  These students welcome an opportunity to share aspects of their lives through articles about religious and cultural diversity.  Contributions are welcome from parents, staff and students. 


The Connect Base

Students are referred to the Connect Base by their Head of House.  Connect Staff support students to develop their Social Skills, Literacy and Numeracy with the aim of being able to cope in a mainstream setting. The emphasis is focussed on Health and Well Being outcomes associated with relationships, self esteem and working with others.  The ethos in Connect is based on Nurture.  Students in Connect generally work in small groups or on a one to one basis. This can take place in the Connect Room or in other departmental areas.