08 May

The Criteria

The small grant award is a grant available for all care experienced people within West Lothian. This has been provided through Life Changes Trust & West Lothian Champions Board. This Grant can be used to help achieve a goal, improve wellbeing, support in education or anything that will positively impact your overall situation. There is no maximum that can be requested however anything over £250 will go through a more in-depth process and be given special consideration. All applications will be assessed on an individual basis.


The Process

All applications will be received by the Development Officer for West Lothian Champions Board, 439. All application will be anonymized and then shared with the Champions Board to review in partnership with West Lothian Champions Board steering group. Once applications have been processed the development Officer will contact you to discuss releasing the funds.

The Benefits

439 have asked that anyone in receipt of this grant will report back on how this has positively affected your life. This can be as simple as writing a few lines on what this grant enabled you to do, a voice note, video etc. This feedback is used solely for the purposes of reporting the impact the Small Grant Award has had on the care experienced community within West Lothian.

The Questions

If you have any questions, need any help or support completing this form please contact Karen Kearney, Development Officer for West Lothian Champions Board.

Karen Kearney

Email: kkearney@whocaresscotland.org       Call: 07523512796