02 March

S6 Event

For LEAPS Eligible Students (opens new window) who have submitted a UCAS application. (They might be in S6 or in S5 and applying to UCAS this year.)

Please note, some students might have attended (or be due to attend) a very similar LEAPS Unicafe workshop in or near to their school. They are still very welcome to attend this campus-based Unicafe as well, if they'd like to.


LEAPS Unicafe

Thursday 19 March 2020, 6.30-8pm

University of Edinburgh Central Campus (Upper Hall, Pleasance)


If you are a LEAPS Eligible Students (opens new window) and you have submitted a UCAS application, our Unicafe is for you! It will be helpful wherever you have applied.

  • Discover what starting university is really like at our Unicafe, which is hosted on a university campus.
  • Current university students share their experience of moving from school to university - topics will include making new friends, living in student accommodation, 'welcome/induction' weeks, how to keep on top of deadlines.
  • Pick up some tips and ask anything that's on your mind about university life!
  • Meet other students who may be going to the same university and/or town as you from September - start building your university social network!
  • There'll be free refreshments - we provide the drinks and snacks!

Find out more and register at: LEAPS Unicafe (opens new window)