09 November

Last night's sportathon was a huge success. Over 80 students raised more than £4,600 which will allow us to offer opportunities in sport for our students over the next two years or so. A special mention to Erin Duncan and Hannah Millar who raised over £1000 between them! The students who took part were absolutely brilliant from start to finish.  I will not list their names here but feel free to congratulate any students you see who look like they've gone over 24 hours with no sleep!  Huge thanks to the PE staff, D Lindsay, L Edgar and A Coulter for helping out over night.  Thanks to K Yardley who organised the sportathon and did a great job in ensuring it all went well on the night.

Thanks also to Cammy and Barry for staying over night allowing the event to run as well as to everyone else involved in making it a success. J Robertson