Student Council


We are very interested in the views and opinions of our students; indeed they give us crucial information about their experiences of school and ideas about improving the quality of educational provision.


The Student Council is a very important method of giving students a voice in all issues concerning the school community. 

A number of students are elected to represent class groups across all year groups.  They undergo training and then meet regularly to discuss issues raised by students or by other members of the community.  The School Council also gives students a place on the Parent Council, on Livingston’s Youth Forum and indirectly to the Scottish Youth Parliament.


On some issues, the whole school population is consulted directly via questionnaires, personal and social education classes, assemblies and tutor time.  This gives all students the opportunity to contribute their thoughts and opinions.  Occasionally we focus on particular issues and hold meetings with groups of students to tease out their ideas.  This information is then collated, distributed and used to improve the area of concern.


We value highly the contribution young people make to our quality management systems and seek ways to improve our partnership with them





We have a Student Council noticeboard in the Restaurant which is updated regularly with Members, Newsletters, Important Dates, etc.

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