Pupil Support

Pupil Support is part of the Integrated Support Team in Deans.  Its aim is to remove barriers to learning and help students to access the curriculum at an appropriate level.  The team consists of Heads of House, Support for Learning staff, Pupil Support staff and Support Assistants. 


Students are organised into three vertical Houses;  Dechmont, Cairnpapple and Houston.  Each group has a Head of House who works with tutors to ensure the welfare and progress of all. 


Pupil Support

The Pupil Support Base aims to provide a safe environment where students are encouraged to maximise potential.  This base is managed by the Pupil Support Manager and a team of Support Assistants who work with students from all year groups and liaise closely with parents/carers.  They also offer support with attendance issues, medical issues, homework and dress code and aim to maintain a positive ethos within the school by supporting the discipline system.


Medical Care

The school has staff trained in First Aid who deal with medical emergencies and with students who become ill during the school day.  We contact parents/carers in such circumstances but may have to seek expert treatment by arranging for the child to go to the Health Centre or Hospital.  It is important that we have current emergency contact details so that we can get in touch quickly.  Trained support staff within the school can only dispense medicine to students if parents/carers have sent the medication into school with a letter clearly stating dosage etc.


We work closely with the School Health Service.  The school doctor and nurse are in regularly to meet with students and carry out health checks as appropriate.  Parents and carers are always notified when these meetings will take place and are invited to be present.  With your consent the School Health team also carry our immunisations when required.  The school doctor will be pleased to see you and your child at any time if you are concerned about general health and progress at school.


Child Protection

All members of staff have been trained and have responsibility to follow Edinburgh and Lothians Inter-Agency Child Protection Procedures.

Copies of the procedures are held in the Head teacher’s office, the Pupil Support office and the Library.


School Chaplain

Our school chaplain is Robert Bell.  He is available in Deans Community High School to support students, staff and the community.  Robert takes regular assemblies and offers a ‘drop-in’ session every Tuesday lunchtime.

Details of drop-in are available below. 

Contact Pupil Support if you would like to make an appointment to see Robert.




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