Information and Email Communication

Our school publications, newsletters, exam timetables and other information for students and parents are available in this section of the website.  Click on the sub-headings above to see a list of the documents uploaded.


Please make sure we have a parental email address and keep us updated if you change it.  Details of email addresses held by the school are protected in the same way as other personal information and will not be disclosed to any third party.




News, Information and Homework

Our News and Mini News sections are updated daily with news and information. Photos and text are minimised for faster browsing.  You can click on photos or text to view more.  For more information about our school and community facilities please scroll down to the foot of page. 


Homework and study materials are available in the Departments section of the website.  Students can get the password to access this section from their tutor.


Teachers upload homework instructions for their classes, just click on a teacher's name to see the homework timetable for their classes.  Resources and study material for all levels of courses are also uploaded in the same section.  If you scroll down you will see them divided up into year group/levels.  


If you are having trouble viewing files on the website you may need to download the following:


For PDF files download Adobe reader (free) using this link


For POWERPOINT files you might need to download Powerpoint viewer (free) from Microsoft using this link


If you require support with any aspect of using our website or homework systems you can email:

There are currently no files uploaded.

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