Welcome to Deans Community High School

Deans Community High School welcomes students, adult learners and community users to our new state of the art facility.  We are fully committed to engaging our students in their learning and make it a priority to ensure that all students have the opportunity to enjoy a high quality educational experience at Deans.


We need everyone who is part of the school community to challenge and support us.  We encourage our young people to share their ideas and thoughts with us about how we can improve the school.  We do this through the Student Council and through group and individual interviews.  We want parents, carers and our community to feel that their views, too, are welcome.  Please share with us your ideas for improvement, any concerns you may have, any comment that would be useful.  Most of all, please believe that we genuinely care about your place in this great educational environment we call a community school and we ask you to work with us in achieving all that we can for the students and the community


Our Values 

Our aims reflect the values of our school and form the foundation of our educational philosophy:






Everyone in Deans Community High School is encouraged to incorporate these shared values into their daily lives and interaction with others.




Deans Community High School Web Community


Our News and Mini News sections are updated daily with news and information. Photos and text are minimised for faster browsing.  You can click on photos or text to view more.  For more information about our school and community facilities please scroll down to the foot of page.  


We welcome contact from parents and students to help us celebrate wider achievement of our students.  Please email us and let us know about any achievements outwith school.


Homework and study materials are available in the Departments section of the website.  Students can get the password to access this section from their tutor.


Teachers upload weekly homework instructions for their classes, just click on a teacher's name to see the homework timetable for their classes.  Resources and study material for all levels of courses are also uploaded in the same section.  If you scroll down you will see them divided up into year group/levels.  


If you are having trouble viewing files on the website you may need to download the following:


For PDF files download Adobe reader (free) using this link

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If you require support with any aspect of using our website or homework systems you can email: alison.mccormack@westlothian.org.uk




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